Dash Poised to Guide Rare Disease Events to Hybrid Format

As rare disease communities look to transition back to in-person ground events, organizers agree that it’s crucial to maintain the connection built with virtual attendees during the COVID crisis.

“As we see rare disease organizations plan for in-person events, we’re still seeing the need for a virtual component,” said Jeff Lord, CTO of The Dash Alliance. “We’ve seen first-hand how impactful a virtual event can be for a patient population and our team is working to best equip rare disease organizations for the transition to hybrid event hosting.”

Many patient communities hosted events that saw many international attendees joining for the first time.

“Many times, we see new attendees who are either physically unable to travel or who struggle with long-distance travel or even language barriers. When you can leverage technology to offer networking opportunities and build a sense of community for a new patient group for the first time, you know you’re making an impact. It’s crucial that we continue to include these patient populations and ensure that they continue to have a seat at the table,” said Lord.

The Dash team also recognizes the unique challenges of moving ahead with hybrid events and stands ready to assist organizations as they navigate the path forward. 

“As we move forward to the return of live events, we know that equipping our partners with the tools they need to provide peace of mind to their supporters and attendees is crucial. We look forward to continuing to support our partners through this exciting time.”

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