Events that Make an Impact.

While the advent of virtual events has made conference attendance more attainable for all patients, it’s also leaving organizers scrambling to carve out space on attendee’s bandwith.

At DASH, we’re working to help our partners clearly define their place in the rare disease community by hosting impactful events that not only serve patients, but draw in the sponsor support necessary to host these crucial events.

When considering how to approach your next sponsor, consider what sponsors are looking for:

  • Attendee and registration data¬†
  • Attendee survey responses
  • Brand exposure throughout the event (both physical and digital for hybrid events)
  • Reserved panel seats and speaking opportunities
  • Discounted event tickets
  • Exclusive access to event data that will explain overall event performance

As a patient-focused organization, consider what you’re willing to share and be sure to be transparent with attendees when it comes to the information you’ll be providing.¬†